LVSA is the new brand for Licensed Vehicle Surveys & Assessment, as the joint venture formed by Vector Transport Consultancy and CTS Traffic & Transportation. The two leading practitioners of Hackney Carriage Unmet Demand Surveys have combined forces to offer an even greater depth of skills and expertise, offering increased flexibility and insight.


What we do...


We don’t just undertake Hackney Carriage Unmet Demand Surveys. Many of our clients commission a range of additional services, either to augment an unmet demand survey, or as stand-alone services.


These additional services include a range of mystery shopper test purchase services which can be tailored to suit your particular needs. These test purchases can involve:

Solo traveller short distance (or other) journey test purchases,

Wheelchair user test purchases,

Guide dog user test purchases.


The test purchases can apply specifically to Hackney Carriages, Private Hire

Vehicles, UBER hires or a combination of types of licensed vehicles. For

Private Hire Vehicles in particular, we have undertaken many successful

mystery shopper surveys to hire Private Hire Vehicles without pre-booking.

These have comprised both incognito hires (with detailed reports and witness

statements as necessary, supplied to licensing officers) and operations

undertaken in conjunction with licensing officers and police, resulting in successful prosecutions. Generally, the optimum approach to undertaking a campaign of mystery shopper surveys, is to incorporate a range of different types of surveys, to achieve best value against costs.

We have also undertaken test bookings of Private Hire and Hackney Carriage services, to test availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles for immediate and future hire.


We can offer guidance and assessment regarding the application of the Equality Act 2010, with respect to wheelchair users and mobility impaired users.


We offer expertise in trade and stakeholder consultation,

which can be tailored to suit specific requirements for each licensing area.


To discuss your requirements, please call the

office number on 0131 235 2575.

 Who We Are