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Junction Assessment

Occasionally, our clients are in need of a stand alone junction assessment or an assessment of junctions in close proximity to one another.
This measure may be in response to proposals to change the use of existing premises or to extend an existing develpment.  case that a survey of the present levels of traffic generation or those of an adjacent site with a similar use is required.
Junction assessments may require baseline traffic data to be collected.  The data collected would normally
include traffic volumes turning at the junction(s) and potentially queue length surveys, if traffic queues commonly form at the junction(s) in question.  With the baseline data, a computer model of the junction can be created and the performance of  the junction or junctions simulated with baseline traffic and any forecast changes in traffic, such as, for example, the impact of traffic leaving a car park after an event, or additional traffic using a road following revision of traffic priorities, or road closures.

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